Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira has been a Standout Charity since November 2018

What does Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira do?

Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira (SVB) was founded in 2003. We promote plant-based diets by organizing veg fests, promoting Meatless Mondays, managing a Vegan Label, and working with restaurants to increase vegan offerings through their Vegan Option Program. SVB also works with health professionals to spread knowledge of the health benefits of a plant-based diet. We offer a 16-hour course and have begun organizing a plant-based conference for health professionals in 2018.

Why do Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) recommends SVB?

SVB operates in Brazil, a country that ACE views as a target for pursuing large-scale change for farmed animals. While other organizations are also engaged in promising work in Brazil, SVB has the advantage of being a local group as opposed to a branch of an international organization. ACE thinks this factor could give SVB more credibility and enable us to better influence public opinion through their outreach. 

(Donations should be in U.S. dollars)

 For wire transfer use our bank details are:

Bank name: Banco Bradesco S/A
Bank Address: Rua Augusta, 1670 – CEP 01304001 – São Paulo/SP, Brazil
Bank Branch Phone Number: +55 11 2159-0700
Beneficiary’s Account Number: Branch 6681, Account 6063-1
IBAN: BR76 6074 6948 0668 1000 0060 631C 1

Organization: Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira
Address: Rua Anita Garibaldi 29, cj 1102 – CEP 01018020 – São Paulo/SP, Brazil
Phone number: +55 11 3104-5282
Registration number (CNPJ): 05.852.939/0001-06
City Tax Inscription: 5.678.508-9
Representative: Guilherme Carvalho, CEO ([email protected])